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Drunken realizations:

Loyalty is one of the most important virtues you can have. It represents trust in others and trust in yourself and, usually, pays dividends.

Quote of the day:

A fool and his money are easily parted.


I’m going to turn this into a full-on blog. Topics of conversation:

  • Design
  • Illustration
  • Clothing – shirts, pants
  • Photography
  • WordPress – templates, code snippets, plugin shoutouts, make a plugin after I read that PHP book
  • Web design: PHP, CSS
  • General Web design
  • Motion design – If I ever get into it
  • Music lessons – ha
  • Mountain biking – photography, bike reviews
  • General creativity

Try to focus on content you created yourself. Use Twitter to post interesting links. Got it? Good! One post per day! I guess this counts, man I’m lazy.

UPDATE: It’s weird trying to pick topics for your blog. The topics you pick basically say “This is me and this is what I’m about”. What the fuck am I about? I’m going for a walk!

You twank!

There comes a time, in every man’s life, when he realizes everyone is retarded and that if you don’t want to end up as a retard, you must distance yourself from… retards…

No offense to retarded people.

One love. Everything is everything.

Go work on Buxom! I’ll kill you!

The magic:

All you need is a decent concept and ample details. The concept to catch the attention and the details to keep it.

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